A clean horse is a happy horse

So there I was ( i’m  Jacob) minding my own business in the field when Mummy called me over and took me in to the stalls.Little did I know that it was bath night.First off my hooves were picked out and cleaned,then I was brushed all over to remove mud and loose hair;then my feathers (the hairy bits at the bottom of legs) were washed and made shiny white and lastly my main and tail were brushed.

And then I was put back out in the field.

Well whats a chap going to do when he’s all clean and sparkly.

“Mud mud glorious mud nothing quite like it for curing the blood”
Noel Coward

If you look closely you can see Captain hiding by the side of the tree.Not sure if he is embarrassed or just dodging his bath.

Keeping going with the personal care theme.

Murphy and Jacob making sure they are perfectly groomed

Murphy and Jacob making sure they are perfectly groomed

Wimpole Wrapped!

Farm wrapped2

Plans are underway for our ‘Wimpole Wrapped’ Christmas this year. Red ribbon is appearing estate-wide as this year’s theme is extending outside and in…

Wimpole pics 1 036

A peek at the main entrance into the Stable Block and Ticket Office.

Wimpole Wrapped

Have a look at how Wimpole is protected during the winter; from the conservation inside the Hall to the care of Home farm and the gardens as well. It will be taking place this weekend, the 7th and 8th of December; as well as next weekend, the 14th and 15th of December. Click the link above for more info on our events page.

At the farm, a huge 20ft Christmas tree has been put up in front of the great barn and Steph Turner, one of the Farm’s Experience Officers has said that it’s the first time the farm will have its tree positioned there. She has said that they’ve gone wrapping mad at the farm; buildings, trees, hay bales and even some of the tools are being decked out in ribbon.

Farm wrapped1

Farm wrapped3


Here on the left is the Cart Barn, and its brick pillars are all wrapped and ready. On the right are some hay parcel presents, the animals will be pleased!

Wimpole pics 1 046

Even the tractor is getting involved!

Wimpole pics 1 042Some of the buildings are being wrapped like giant presents, and Steph has said that there’s a few more big surprises that we’ll need to look out for too!

It’s an innovative way to do Christmas and she thinks it’s a great way to show off the brilliant conservation work across the estate, that everyone gets involved in, throughout the winter months.


Here we can see Barbara wrapping the dividing ropes inside the Hall.

While, below, Hilary prepares the chairs.

Hilary wrapping up a chair

The Gardens are having their fair share of wrapping too! The trees throughout the Pleasure grounds have been decorated, plus the Walled and Formal Gardens too.

The Walled Garden

The Walled Garden

The Formal Gardens

The Formal Gardens

And Of course the Stable Block tree; looking very magical thanks to Meg Hewett, one of our wonderful volunteers.


Come and visit Wimpole this weekend or next to see more of the festivities! Everybody has been working really hard to make it a great experience for everyone!



Wimpole Estate ‘Uncovered’

Discover how the farming of our land for food has, over time, shaped the landscape.  Over the weekend of Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October there is a series of specialist talks, walks and demonstrations, where you can delve deeper into the landscape history at Wimpole.  There will be a combination of demonstrations, drop-in and pre-booked events.


If you see haystacks sprouting up in the park, these are to try to recreate the 17th century homes of Mr Pratt and his neighbours.  We also have a mini ploughing match, you can watch a heavy horse pulling a plough alongside a vintage tractor and then a modern farm tractor, which is the neatest, I think we might make a guess at which is the quickest?!

Don’t miss our expert Richard Wheeler, the National Trust’s Garden Historian talking about Beauty and function in kitchen garden design: a forty five minute guided walk focusing on Eighteenth landscape designers Charles Bridgeman, Lancelot (Capability) Brown, Robert Greening and William Emes.

Then there is our very own Head Gardener, Philip Whaites, talking about about growing pineapples in Cambridgeshire and yes, we do have a few wee ones in our pineapple beds, will they be ready for the Christmas table?  You can find out more about Pineapples in the Grand Dining Room and also see our newly acquired landscape painting of the park by the Cambridge artist R B Harraden.

For full details, times and locations of all our ‘Uncovered’ events – and to book your place – please visit http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/article-1355798680277/