Chisels, callipers and files

Paul Coleman, Project Manager, gives us a quick update on the latest news at the Folly.

1 Brickwork removed at roof top

Brickwork removed from the top edges of the tower

Well if you’ve read our blog post about the Crenulations, Merlons and Machicolations (the bits which sit on top of the Gothic Folly top) the exciting news is the stone has arrived on site and our stone masons have started to mark out and shape the pieces which will sit on top of the tower.

2 Stone being prepared

Stone being prepared

3 Stone shape of the tower curve

Stone shaped to the curve of the tower

We are using Chilmark stone for those bits at the very top which will be prone to weather damage and which will take the full brunt of the rain.  Chilmark is very similar to clunch in appearance but is more durable and harder, so the top is last many years into the future.

4 String coarse carved

Carved string coarse

Works to remove the existing brick top inserted in the early 1900s and reinstate with stonework is costing circa £51,000, excluding the cost of the scaffold.

5 example of the tools

The tools of the trade

Some of the tools being used are a claw chisel, nylon large mallet, and an array of differing sized cold chisels, steel Vernier calliper for stone setting out, rough files for stone profiling, and drags (a comb like tool that makes the surface smooth and flat)


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