New doors and windows

This week, Cliveden Conservation Conservator, Andrea Walker, talks us through the doors and window replacement on the Folly Project.

Take the opportunity to climb the scaffold tower surrounding Folly, it’s currently open at weekends until the end of October, booking

Tracery Windows

Until now, the tracery windows on the Main Tower have been boarded up with timber and chicken wire. The idea of having the covers in place was to keep the worst of the weather and the pigeons out. (The pigeons here at the folly are a determined bunch and, if not kept in check, they muscle their way in and attempt to repopulate the interior of the tower.)

Blocked and boarded upIMG_3324

The covers are now being replaced with better ventilated options, floor-by-floor, to allow air into the tower while our specialist wood team work inside.New ventilated window coveres

Our friendly contact at Architectural Glass measured and template all 10 windows. With that and the few remaining examples of what are believed to be original frames, they’ve begun production of the new frames and glass.

Original window framesA bent original window frame

Once completed, we’ll hold off on installing these until closer to the end of the project, to ensure they don’t get broken.


Wimpole Folly 1979_13 (basement and entrance door)

The basement and entrance doors c1973

There are 2 doors on the Main Tower: one at ground level and one that will open off the wooden balcony we will be reinstating.

Original door at ground level

Original door at ground level

Original door_detail

Detail on original door

At ground level the original door is still in place and has been covered over with boards for it’s protection while we work around it. Maple Joinery will be refurbishing this door and reinstalling it closer to the end of the project.

Drawing for a new door

The other door will be made new, based on historic photographs and detailed measurements taken on site. This too will be installed closer to the end of the project, around the time the new balcony is also installed.

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