Ride the Estate

2014-09-18 15.22.41

Two of our magnificent Shires being ridden on the estate yesterday. Emma the boss is resplendent in the high viz jacket and riding Jacob who is just over 8 years old. Next to Emma is Melissa our seasonal groom on her last day with us before returning to university. Melissa is riding Harry who is 6 years old. We all hope she will come back next year (including Harry).
The shires are ridden as part of their exercise regime to keep them in tip top condition.
I was there as gate operative and spoke to several visitors who told me: “what a wonderful sight it is to see such splendid animals around the estate”. Lots of our customers mentioned how much they enjoy seeing our Shire horses either being ridden or pulling what someone described to me as “Wimpoles attractive carriage”.
Visitors tell me that seeing these beautiful animals around the estate adds so much to their enjoyment of their trip to Wimpole.Many of them express their gratitude that Wimpole is playing its part in protecting the Shire horse breed and making the effort to produce offspring like our yearling Wimpole Junes Lady


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