Who’s working at the Gothic Tower?

Hello! We’re Cliveden Conservation and we’re carrying out the conservation project at Wimpole’s Gothic Tower.

CCW-team working on all levels copyWho are Cliveden Conservation?

We were founded in 1982, originally for the preservation of the National Trust buildings and statuary, then branched out and became our own company. Our enthusiastic and highly skilled conservators work out of our 3 workshops across England to conserve and restore buildings, stone, sculpture, plaster and the decorative arts. Our projects, small and large, take us to places all over the world, but we’ve maintained strong ties with the National Trust and are pleased to be leading the Gothic Tower conservation project.




What is the conservation project?

IMG_2938-de veg-before copy

Wall prior to conservation commencing

IMG_2942-de veg-after copy

Wall following removal of vegetation

In order to make the folly more accessible for the public, an amount of work needs to be done to bring it back to life and make it safe for visitors.

What that entails is

  • Archaeological investigations: to understand the full history of the folly
  • Removing vegetation: from the towers and ruined wall tops
  • Cleaning stone surfaces: to remove loose material and help the stone “breath”
  • Pointing and mortar repairs: making the folly’s stone and brickwork stable and safe to be around, and making the wall tops weatherproof
  • Measuring stones that will be replaced
  • Drawing plans

CCW-removing vegetation and dismantling precarious stone work copyAll these tasks have been carried out or are currently underway. The tasks we have ahead of us are the:

  • Replacement of decayed and damaged stonework
  • Shelter coating: to consolidate and help weatherproof stone surfaces
  • Reinstatement of historic elements: such as brick steps and the wooden porch at the base of the tower, doors, windows, and crenellations at the top of the tower

We have a great team here at the folly, working hard in all weather conditions. If you climb the scaffold on the Gothic Tower Scaffold Tours, you’ll be able to spot us busily working around the site. You may even see us working up close and personal as we work our way around the main tower.


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