View from the stables

George & Captain

My name is George and I have been a volunteer since April 2013 in the Heavy Horse Dept. on the Farm.I don’t have a background in anything remotely to do with farming and I had never been near a horse in my life before last April. But hey if you’re going to get to know a horse you might as well choose a big one.

Funny thing occurred to me the other day while standing shovel in hand contemplating the varied contents of Queenie (only Mare) and Lady’s (Queenies Foal of 7months age) stable; here I am top of the food chain and they are out in the field sunning themselves and here I am, well I’m the one with the shovel!

That’s one of the things I like about volunteering on the farm it puts things into perspective.I have been a Scientist ,a Sales Manager and a Business Manager but I have never felt as content as I am stood in a stable shovel in hand. Not sure it warrants much investigation or deep thought its easy really.I did enjoy a lot of what I did in my paid work life and it for sure paid the mortgage but what I do with the horses is just more satisfying.I reckon I just feel that at last I am doing something useful. Hanky anyone? It helps that I am completely animalphylic not in a potty way but as a species we do need to share a bit more. I’d hate to see the world covered in concrete and empty except for us

Any way the plan is to keep writing to you with updates on whats going on at the farm and particularly with the horses. Although I am horse biased I promise not to neglect the other animals and to keep you up to date with whats going on with the crops.

Each of the horses is going to contribute a guest diary – up first is Captain (age before beauty). I aim also to include snippets on whats going on with Lady and how she is developing and changing over time.

One idea is to have regularly contributed recipes that are based around the farms produce eg lamb,pork.Looking for contributors for this- need to be all your own or hybrids with appropriate attribution

So treat this one as me saying hello and letting you know the plan.

Next issue Captains Diary, Lady update and hopefully the first recipe


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