Some Discoveries…

Some fantastic finds under the floorboards last week!

Wimpole pics 1 024

Here Mary and Barbara are busy with the floorboards, and some really interesting finds made their efforts very worth while!

At the top of the main staircase, just outside what was the old nursery, were these delicate finds…


Assistant House Steward, Steph Parsons, was talking me through the objects. All items are ivory, there are two knives, and a selection of counters, some of which you can see above. To give a rough idea, they are roughly the size of a two pence piece. The smallest knife here looks tiny enough to perhaps belong to a doll, and the slightly larger one could have been a child’s. They are both quite plain, not too fancy. You can almost picture a small child posting little counters and dolls toys through gaps in the floorboards! I wonder if mum ever found out!

DSC_2570 (3)

DSC_2570Steph has been researching the counters, they had coloured paper on one side and different geographical locations on the other. For example, ‘Division of Canada’ or ‘Islands of America in the Atlantic Ocean’ as we can see in the picture. If they belonged to a game, Steph reckons there could have once been a map with them as well. She believes the pieces date from around the 18th or 19th centuries. Look at the shape of the ‘s’ in the place names. Has anyone ever seen or heard of a similar game? We’d really like to hear any ideas on how it was played.


Remember that colour matching exercise that was taking place downstairs (here)? Well here are the results in action…

Wimpole pics 1 020James here, is painting in the new smoke detector heads and wires. The new additions have to blend into every surface they cross. This means James has to match the paint of the heads to the ceiling…


but also the wires have to match the wall they pass and the skirting they cross as well. Not only is this all colour change, but the texture of the surfaces have to be matched as well, for example the replicating of a stippled effect.

With all this re-cabling the Chancellor’s bedroom, one of the first floor show rooms is all packed away and storing items safely.

Wimpole pics 1 017

But it’s not just inside the main rooms of the house that gets all the attention.

DSC_2550This is a wonderful view of the dome, above the ceiling of the Yellow Drawing room. Rob is busy re-wiring in this picture, and it’s not often we’d get to see the dome from this angle!

Did you come to Wimpole Wrapped last weekend? If not, never fear, it is on this weekend as well! Have a look Here and Here for information.


Wimpole pics 1 007

These are some sneaky peeks at what went on behind the scenes there. Some spray painting of pineapples on the left and on the right protective flooring being laid. And yes, the guy at the back there, is indeed wearing an elf hat! Come along on the 14th or 15th to see why all this was happening…


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