Behind the scenes at Wimpole, more disruptions inside the Hall, taking place in order to keep the cabling project on track…


Here, on the left, Mary Luckhurst is taking down one of the chandeliers, so that electrician, Rob (on the right) can drill through the ceiling. The cables will later be fed through.

The Fine Arts Services are a specialist company who are called in to move important furniture that is too heavy or delicate for the house stewards to try and move alone.

Fine Arts Services

Fine Arts Services

They were asked in for one day last week to help out. There were a number of really heavy tables, each with a marble top, that the team had to move from one side of the room to the other, in order to make way for the floorboards to be removed for the cables.

These wooden boxes you can see in the photo were constructed especially for these tables. The flat marble tops had to be removed from the tables first, and then placed along the back side of the box. There’s a special area there for them, where they are drilled in safely by another piece of wood. The table itself was then put in the front section of the box and the whole lot could be moved together to a different part of the room for storage. Very clever! Assistant House Steward Steph Parsons said that the Fine Arts Services team were so efficient in moving the tables that they spent the rest of their day at Wimpole, helping out in other areas of the house as well.

Meanwhile, upstairs….


The cabling project is taking place from the top of the house downwards. So here in one of the flats upstairs, where floor space was already cleared, the floorboards are up and work is already in progress. Everyone is working really hard in the Hall at the moment to get this project done, and it’s all coming together really well!


2 thoughts on “Re-Cabling

  1. Looks like amazing work and nice to hear what my ex-boss Steph Parsons is doing now. I hope it all goes smoothly with no casualties.

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