Wimpole Estate ‘Uncovered’

Discover how the farming of our land for food has, over time, shaped the landscape.  Over the weekend of Saturday 5 and Sunday 6 October there is a series of specialist talks, walks and demonstrations, where you can delve deeper into the landscape history at Wimpole.  There will be a combination of demonstrations, drop-in and pre-booked events.


If you see haystacks sprouting up in the park, these are to try to recreate the 17th century homes of Mr Pratt and his neighbours.  We also have a mini ploughing match, you can watch a heavy horse pulling a plough alongside a vintage tractor and then a modern farm tractor, which is the neatest, I think we might make a guess at which is the quickest?!

Don’t miss our expert Richard Wheeler, the National Trust’s Garden Historian talking about Beauty and function in kitchen garden design: a forty five minute guided walk focusing on Eighteenth landscape designers Charles Bridgeman, Lancelot (Capability) Brown, Robert Greening and William Emes.

Then there is our very own Head Gardener, Philip Whaites, talking about about growing pineapples in Cambridgeshire and yes, we do have a few wee ones in our pineapple beds, will they be ready for the Christmas table?  You can find out more about Pineapples in the Grand Dining Room and also see our newly acquired landscape painting of the park by the Cambridge artist R B Harraden.

For full details, times and locations of all our ‘Uncovered’ events – and to book your place – please visit http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/article-1355798680277/


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